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Company Profile

Greetings from the Representative Director

Safe, secure, healthy, and delicious <br>Our company, Marusho Co., Ltd., strives every day with the management philosophy of always providing our customers with stable quality, safe, healthy, and delicious food, with dried shiitake mushrooms as our mainstay. Masu.
Dried shiitake mushrooms are an ancient Japanese traditional food that has been eaten for over a thousand years.
Many foods these days are easy to eat and ready to eat, as consumers place an emphasis on convenience. In addition, the situation surrounding dried shiitake mushrooms is becoming more and more severe year by year, such as the aging of dried shiitake mushroom producing farmers and the population outflow of satoyama. However, shiitake mushrooms contain many things that are extremely beneficial to the human body, such as increasing immunity, lowering blood pressure, and vitamin D.
All of our employees will continue to do their best to promote shiitake mushrooms, a wonderful natural food that has been eaten since ancient times, to consumers and to earn their continued patronage, as they are delicious and can greatly contribute to human health. Masu.
Thank you very much for your support.

Representative Director Masao Suzuki

Business content

Shiitake mushroom farmers grow and purchase dried shiitake mushrooms from agricultural cooperatives, markets, and auction sites (we also sell directly from producers).

Employees specializing in bidding will evaluate the products, bid on what is needed at the time, and inspect the shiitake mushrooms. In addition, we have contracts with producers in each production area to stably purchase safe and secure dried shiitake mushrooms and provide them to manufacturers and commercial wholesalers.

We also strive to meet standards that meet your needs and provide detailed after-sales service. We have a subsidiary in China that also cultivates, processes, and sells shiitake mushrooms.

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Corporate philosophy

We always provide our customers with stable quality, safe, healthy, and delicious food.

Also, since I'm a shiitake mushroom shop, I'm going to be particular about shiitake mushrooms.

Now that cultivation is switching to fungal bed cultivation, log cultivation is not only an ancient method, but also an important industry in hilly and mountainous regions, and is also used to manage mountains, protect them, and prevent disasters such as landslides.

It's connected. Wanting to protect log cultivation, we have been cultivating logs in-house since two years ago, taking over some of the farmers in Izu who had called it quits and downsized.


738-1 Gun, Fujieda City, Shizuoka Prefecture 426-0016

TEL: 054-641-1388 (main)

FAX: 054-644-5118