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Product features

Originally, we had the right to bid for dried shiitake mushrooms all over the country, and we have been doing so for many years.

For this reason, the president is the chairman of the National Shiitake Mushroom Commercial Association. The deceased chairman received a medal from the Emperor.

However, due to the coronavirus situation, we are currently developing products using shiitake mushrooms to develop retail customers, although we have previously focused on commercial use.

However, we are developing products that use unconventional shiitake mushrooms as much as possible, and the soup we sold last year (tomato, pumpkin, and yam) was created by focusing on the dashi component of shiitake mushrooms.

This year, we plan to release three types of shiitake miso (combined with chili pepper).

Characteristics of each type

Donko (Winter)

The shape is round, the shiitake mushroom ring is large, and the flesh of the cap is thick, very chewy, and full of flavor.
Therefore, I think it will be very delicious when used in stews, etc.

Koshin (Koshin)

The thickness of the umbrella is thin, and it was harvested after the umbrella had fully opened.
Some of these mushrooms are deformed, but as the name suggests, the shiitake mushroom has the strongest natural scent.
It is often used chopped.


It is convenient to use them depending on the dish.