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Miso on meat (green spicy)

Sale price¥600


Miso on meat (green spicy)

【Internal capacity】


【expiration date】

1 year

【Preservation method】

At normal temperature

[Main raw material production area (fishing location, etc.)]

Made in Aomori Prefecture Made in Shizuoka Prefecture

【Use scene】

Use it as an accent to a variety of dishes, such as wrapping it with vegetables like Sanchu miso, pairing it with salted yakitori, or pairing it with meat such as steak or pizza.

【Product Features】

This product was developed with an easy-to-eat combination of shiitake mushrooms, miso, and chili peppers in order to encourage the younger generation to enjoy shiitake mushrooms.

``Green Spicy'' uses green chili peppers called jalapeños.
Jalapenos are characterized by a refreshing spiciness that gradually comes on later, with the sweetness of the miso coming first, followed by the spiciness.

It is delicious when eaten with meat dishes such as churrasco, and is mainly imagined as a seasoning for meat.

【Country of origin】

Made in Aomori Prefecture

【Shipping method】

At normal temperature

Miso on meat (green spicy)
Miso on meat (green spicy) Sale price¥600