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Shizuoka Seisuke Donko 100g

Sale price¥1,300

[Name] Dried Shiitake (Donko)

【Internal capacity】


【expiration date】

1 year

【Preservation method】

Avoid humidity and high temperatures, and store in a cool, dark place.

【raw materials】

Shiitake mushrooms (log cultivation)

【Description of item】

"Seisuke Donko" made in Izu City, the birthplace of log shiitake mushroom cultivation, is certified by Shuzenji's "Shizuoka Food Selection" as a top-quality product with excellent taste, aroma, shape, and safety.

Please enjoy Shizuoka Prefecture's finest products that are carefully grown one by one.

【Shipping method】

Room temperature delivery

【Country of origin】

Shizuoka Prefecture


738-1 Gun, Fujieda City, Shizuoka Prefecture
Maruaki Co., Ltd.

Shizuoka Seisuke Donko 100g
Shizuoka Seisuke Donko 100g Sale price¥1,300